Welcome To The Sikeston Tea Party

There are forces at work here that are hiding in the darkness, waiting for the right time as they set these things in motion, as they lay the groundwork.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Obamacare will eventually make all of us dependant on the government for our health care. Do you think you will continue to fight if your child is denied a doctor unless you sit down and shut up? It will also consume our economy.
  • The government has taken over our financial system. They control the banks. They now have the right to look at your financial records without your permission or even a judge’s order. Did you know that? What will you do when they decide to shut down your accounts unless you sit down and shut up? Show me in the Constitution where they have the right to do this.
  • The teachers unions have taken over our education system and are now teaching our children to be good little socialists. If you don’t believe me, look at their social studies and history books. Look at our universities, where the liberal teachers completely outnumber the conservatives. Do you think you are sending them there to get an education? Think again. They are being co-opted by the left. Ask any college kid what they think about the issues of the day and just see what they tell you. You will be astonished.
  • President Obama fired the CEO of GM, (What gives him the power to do this?) Then he took over and gave the unions the power they want. How can a private company compete with one funded by the US taxpayers? (That means you and me!!) So now we are buying from ourselves???
  • The rich are continually demonized. (Did you ever get a job from a poor man?) I thought we were Capitalists, who celebrated those who are smart enough and hard working enough to get ahead!! When did that change? Someone said to me that ~ “you are either a producer or a parasite.” I believe that is true.
  • We are continually told that we should share our money with those less fortunate than we are. What happened to hard work and ethics? I think if you teach a man to fish, he will be able to feed himself. If you only give him food, he will have to keep on coming back for more. We are into third or fourth generation families who only know how to take. They are told that if they are willing to settle for getting by that they will be taken care of in return for their votes to keep the Democrats in power.
  • The Department of Justice refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers that stood in front of a voting precinct in Philadelphia and intimidated voters. Do they help Arizona who is overrun with illegal immigrants who are bankrupting the state, as well as producing gangs and drug traffickers, making the crime rate go through the roof. No, they sue them so they can’t protect themselves. In the Gulf, where many had lost jobs already from the oil spill, do they try to help them? No, they call for a drilling moratorium and put the rest of the population out of work. What?? Are they really working for US?
  • We are called racists if we disagree with any of Obama’s policies! That is how they shut down conversation. Again, “sit down and shut up” or we will make you sorry!!
  • We are called “Tea Baggers” by the President of our country. Isn’t he supposed to be our President as well?? When have you heard a President of this great country single out a large portion of the populace and attack them, over and over? And to “sit down and shut up”?
  • Freedom of speech is reserved only for a few now. If you say something the left deems to be politically incorrect you are crucified in the liberal media. I give you Juan Williams firing from NPR as a case in point. “Sit down and shut up”!!” Did you know George Soros, communist billionaire, just gave 1.8 million dollars to these people to further their agenda, to hire more reporters who are to destroy Fox News?

I refuse to be politically correct!
I refuse to “sit down and shut up”!
I will speak the truth, no matter the cost!

Our forefathers gave us the Constitution as a bastion against just such people as those that are now trying to destroy it. They knew that men are corrupt and that when they are given too much power they are not to be trusted. That’s why they gave us the checks and balances of the three branches of government.

I, for one, will not take this laying down. I will do whatever is in my power to protect our Capitalistic way of life, and protect our Constitution. I will not vote with a party. I will vote for the person I think will best serve these things, not for the one I think will give a handout. I will make my own way, thank you!

I have children and grandchildren who are depending on me. I want them to have a better life, just like my parents wanted for me, and their parents before them.

I want ALL Americans to join in this effort. We can win if we don’t give up, don’t give in!

Get out and vote, that is your voice. Let them see that we are not going to “sit down and shut up”!!!


Your Sister in Freedom,
Pam Yant
Sikeston Tea Party Founder and Coordinator